Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democracy has spoken!

Proud to be an American! What an exciting time for our nation! I might by a flag t-shirt. Seriously.

We have managed to eat at a couple local diners that have been a round St. Petersburg longer than dirt. After church on Sunday we ate brunch at Skyway Jacks. It used to be located right under the actual Skyway bridge but the cost of the property went up too high so they moved north about 2 miles. The location is still not what it once was but it was still super crowded. They accept cash only which we didn't remember until we were there, luckily, they had an ATM. The food was alright. The price was right. The atmosphere was eh. I felt like the junk they had on display was not only filled with dust, and grease but had lost a bit of it's charm. The table was stinky and the service was shotty. This long St. Pete legend very well might be slipping through the cracks.

On the beloved election day, post various medical appointments we decided we should breakfast at Munches. The service was amazing! And the place was packed even though it was a Tuesday morning. The breakfast was inexpensive and delicious. It had been years since I had allowed myself pancakes and I am glad that I did here. They were light and fluffy. The bacon was crisp. A lovely way to have breakfast and experience a local treasure. A few years back the Weekly Planet did a nice review of this place along with its most frequented customers. My friend's dad was pictured at the counter and even though its been years since I have been there and years since the article, I still looked.