Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lassing Park and Barlett Park

Over a month ago at this point we made it to a couple more parks in South Pinellas county. The first was Lassing Park which is really just a giant field next to water. It is supposed to be beachy but I am not sure that it has enough sand on the shore for that. I will also say that it is on the Bayside thus I don't recommend a lot of time in the water there, however it was a beautiful scene. People walked around with their dogs. Others were picnicking and some even going for a run. It is secluded for the most part, so the only people going to this park already know where it is.

Since Lassing Park didn't have a ton to offer in terms of activity we jumped over to
Bartlett Park. Historically known to be a rougher part of town because of it's location was beautifully renovated and wonderfully welcoming. This park has a ton of family fun to offer. The recreation center was filled with families most of which were watching little league football and little league cheerleading. The fields were packed. The playground was nestled between the community center and the St. Petersburg Tennis Complex which I played at a lot when I was younger.

Lydia always loves a new playground and this was not any exception. It was a hot day and it would have been beneficial for this playground to have a little more shade provided. Nevertheless, the playground was ideal to have Lydia run and climb a bit before the afternoon showers that were impending.

We began the exploration of our local parks in late April and the mission was ambitious: to hit 50 parks by August. We didn't make our goal. We made it to 21 different parks in the hottest months of the year which for a little busy family of four I think was pretty good. We love being outside and we will continue to explore our area parks with the wide eyed excitement of our children, hoping to someday hit our goal of 50!

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