Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ladies and Fundue!

A few weeks ago the Ladies gather for an evening of delicious indulgence at the Melting Pot. The cool thing about the one in St. Pete is that it is designed as if it was a series of caves. It is a dark and intimate setting where the further back into the restaurant you go, the more secluded and private things are. When I was younger there were all sorts of rumors of the crazy things that occurred in that back room. We, though, feeling somewhat saucy as you can see in these photos, were not in sequestered to the back, but rather we were front and center among other ladies that decided to join a monthly promotion of ladies night.After a couple of glasses of wine, hours of food. Beginning with cheesy spicy sauce with appetizers, perfect salad, main entree including steak, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables with an array of side sauces that make my mouth melts just to recollect the meal and finally ending with a decadent dessert selection that allowed for tough choices of cheesecake, brownies, graham cracker covered marshmallows all dipped in a Snickers fondue.Fundue was coined by our lovely organizer Jeni that evening. It was so wonderful to spend time with my girls and eat like a savage while having conversations about our lives, our goals, our fears or loves. It was divine!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

La Bamba

For endless weeks the jolly crew of Meadowlawn teachers find themselves at a local dive, Johnny Lightening's, on Friday nights. The question that may cross your minds likely is why would educators go to such a random little pub repeatedly. The answer my friends is not just blowing in the wind but singing in the microphone. I do recognize the level of cheesiness in this statement by the way, though it is terribly appropriate when gather for a night of karaoke.

Most of my merry friends are pretty fantastic singers. Tracy has the greatest blues voice, TJ sounds like an angel, Jess and Chadd can rock out with a variety from tunes from country to pop rock to silly, for example, Strokin', is a crowd favorite. I, on the other hand, not known for singing anywhere but the Rock Band stage usually will join as a back up singer or a duet. This week my debut single performance was La Bamba an homage to my people. Well not really my people at all but fun nonetheless.
The safety of this tiny little place allows even the most timid of singers to belt out lyrical genius of those might bands and soloists that we all adore. Not to mention the best grilled cheese in town and a great waitress that just won't quit.