Friday, July 26, 2013

Sawgrass Lake and Nature Preserve Park

After we enjoyed our quite frequent dinner at Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday, we decided to go for a walk on the long boardwalks of Sawgrass Park.

Claiming the longest amount of continuous wooden boardwalks measuring over a mile and half, it was a great idea after a rainy afternoon. There was a ton of nature to see. We saw turtles, alligators and butterflies. It was a good park because anything with playground a equip or grassy fields would have been to wet. Lydia could run down the boardwalk safely and see a different view of things.

As you walk you have a couple of trail options. We selected the overlook tower which is the view that you see above. There is an alligator in that photo only partially sunning himself.

It is definitely great for active preschoolers. You can running and jump and stomp and you can hear it on the boardwalk.

The only bad part was its swampish and it had rained and it was getting close to dust so mosquito netted the girls. They had been recently bitten up at another event and I didn't want to add to the wounds.

However we did let them both out. You can see the view in the other direction on the tower has some sort of factory plant in the background also ruins the essence of a nature preserve.

We also noticed a ton of litter that had been tossed into the woodsy and creek areas. Who decides to visit a nature preserve and litter? I'm not sure the motivation or the simple plan laziness of waiting for a trash can but it certainly disappointed us.

At the rest of the park there is a hill (for Florida) with another smaller trail and a nature center with restrooms located in it. There a various displays and I assume some sort of meeting space. There are also picnic shelters but I'm not sure who uses those since there isn't a beach, fishing pier or playground, so why eat and picnic at a park that features walking and hiking?

It was a great hour of our evening. We hope to visit when it gets cooler to check out the other trails. It is tucked away behind a neighborhood off the major road of 62 Avenue N, but worth a peak for sure.

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