Sunday, July 7, 2013

Road Trip 2013 Day 3 Enough!!!

Vivian has completely lost her patience. Everything I give her to entertain her has been thrown to the official Vivian No Man's Land space between her seat and the door. Nothing makes her happy these are the items I have tried that I remember but there could be more.

1. Blankety
2. Sesame Street book 1
3. Banana
4. Sesame Street book 2
5. Empty water bottle
6. Stacking cups
7.Sesame Street book 3
8. Full water bottle
9. Straw
10. Bottle
11. Sippy cup
12. Eliot's cell
13. Cookie
14. Cereal
15. Abby caddy figure
16. B Bugs
17. Lydia's doll
18. Mermaid
19. Another book
20. Baby face book
21. Cereal container
22. ??

On the other side after watching 4 movies, snacking, and playing Lydia has also reached her height of car time. She on the other hand isn't a discarder but rather a hoarder. Every time I look over she pulling something else out of her seat. Whether princesses or pretzels she's set for toys and snacks at least she is self sufficient. At the moment she is working on her original monologue entitled "why mommy doesn't eat the lion?"

The last time we did a major road trip we never drove more than 5 hours today we have driven almost 10. There was an accident in Indiana that rendered us motionless for at least a full hour. I even unbuckled Vivian and changed her diaper.

Finally, the magic combination for Vivian was the return of her beloved mouse blanket and then her bottle. She clapped with joy. When she was done she threw both items back over the edge.

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