Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Week at Kinderarts

Last week we took the girls to the Berkeley Summer Programs for a camp for babies and toddlers called Kinderarts. Originally they were supposed to be in separate classes but they ended up combined which was perfect for me. The first 30 minutes are music, a short snack break and then 30 minutes of art for the older kids.

It is always a great week and it has been fun watching Lydia evolve from a 9 month old in class to being the oldest of the group and really understanding what was happening. This year with two kids was a real rest of my skills.

I don't do anything that different than when I only had one. I still throw some wipes and a diaper in my purse and go. There is just an extra step because you have to take out two kids. Last year I would chant we do not leave Vivi in the car, ever. So Lydia also knows. I had fears of that. Other than some snacks we were on the go.

We did have the great luck of having both Eliot and Grandpa be able to come to lend a hand as well which was terrific. Every time (this being our 3 summer) I am amazed at how much my kids learn and do in such a short time.






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