Friday, October 31, 2008

For the record...

I did not actually watch Game 5 of the World Series, so I had no effect on the game whatsoever.

Election Day is coming up. I am hoping that all those voters out there get out and make their choices known. It will be a big day for our country and if all goes well for history. I am excited about the possibility of change, a country that I could feel proud of and believe that all people will actually be liberty and have justice for all. Nothing is set in stone! Get out and vote!

McCain is no saint. Did you know that he filed for a marriage license to his second wife while still being married to his first? Did you know that he was 588 in a class of 589? Did you know that he crashed his little airplane three previous times because of negligence prior to crashing when he became a POW? He isn't as trustworthy as some may believe.

Obama is no saint either but he seems to have a past that has been dedicated to helping others. He might really have socialist ideas but it doesn't mean he is a socialist. If he is for equality of all people that can lead to good things: maintain the women's right to choose, Gay/Lesbian marriage, and immigration reformation.

Neither candidate has a good plan for health care or the war in Iraq or the economic crisis. The problems are too big and too indepth for a plan that can be articulated in five minutes. It's just too complex and the solutions are not simple. We are voting for the man that has the greatest capability to lead a bi-partisan solutions.

I think you know my vote! Rock it! November 4th.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Jinx and the Rays

Way back in a far away land there was a girl. She was nice and kind and loved to join a bandwagon. Though she was surely a shoe in to be a genuine fan considering she had been to several games through the years and was a native resident to the area, it was clear that something was missing. Perhaps it was the appropriate fan gear with new snazzy sparkles or simply it may have been a lack umph during the season. Regardless, it was quite certain that each time she tuned in those mighty Rays of light would shine a little less bright. They lose time and time again when her wide brown eyes peered in. The only thing left to do was not watch....maybe that will help.

Friday, October 24, 2008


When I was a little girl I hated plastic costumes and my mom would make me the best costumes by hand. I have been pretty much everything there is to be: a fun clown, a geisha, peter pan, bananas in pajamas, witch, 50's girl with poodle skirt, a princess, a cave woman....well the list goes on. It was super fun. My parents would dress us. My Cuca and Dani would dress up. My aunts and uncles would dress up. Before global warming it was actually cold in Florida that time of year and everyone in the neighborhood was waiting for you to come by.

When I was in high school my first long term boyfriend broke my heart on Halloween. He was at some other girls house when a bunch of us were walking around the neighborhood. South St. Petersburg was always much more like a small town, than the average sized city it really is. The worst of it was apparently everyone knew that he was a jerk but me. It ruined Halloween for many years. Admittedly, its still a little tainted because of it.

When I was in college my sorority had a tradition of Hallowennies. You would wake up in the morning and taped to your dorm door would be a card. On the outside a fun Halloween sticker, on the inside a surprising image of a hot sexy chap in all of his glory. It was funny, always alarming but funny nonetheless.

Now I am a teacher and have to help decide on Halloween dress code rules and spend Sunday building a Haunted House. The worst of it is dealing with the majority of my generation that are heading straight for the "slutty whatever costume fits" store which just seems to pop up for about month every year. You know what I mean: sexy nurse, hot librarian, or the screw me now kitty cat. No orginality, just a bunch a females out there wanting to get attention that most likely will be unwanted by the end of the night. Halloween has become exhausting. Sad really.

On the happier side of Halloween, El and I craved a pumpkin! It was fun and it looks scarier everyday. The heat it receives on our front stoop has made it moldy and therefore condense somehow, so its face is scrunching up making it even more menancing. I will be a homeowner for the first time this Halloween, so I am ready to distribute candy! See all the little children dressed in their mother's best filled with fright and Happy Halloweeness!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Seattle Day 3, 4 and Home

I feel short of my blogging responsibilities while is Seattle so I will provide a short recap. We managed to do Seattle right. We went to all the most significant places like the Space Needle, Pikes Market, and the Music Experience which were all super cool. We, of course, checked out the first Starbucks, Chinatown (or the ever so popular international district) as well as the Waterfall Park.

That evening we had a very nice high end dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant where Mike, Eliot and I dressed in jeans and casual sweaters enjoyed 4 hours of fancy foods. We went and had a rugged dessert at the Hurricane Cafe because it is known for the Tsunami sundae.

The next day we headed north. We checked out Discovery Park and Golden Garden Park which lie on the shore of the Bay. The weather was comfortable. We walked a few trails and beaches. We explored thorough Ballard and ate lunch at a cute little local hamburger joint where we indulged in a variety of gourmet burgers and obsessed about playing trivia. We saw Archie McPhee and had cupcakes at the best cupcake place in Seattle, and in Washington State! (according to the awards on the windows.)

After a fun day about, Mikey headed home and Eliot and I took long naps. We headed to the movies for a laid back evening to see Bill Maher's flick and had a sushi and good conversation.

We headed on a jet plane the next day! We are home and safe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seattle Day 2

Head Like a Kite rocked it! I don't know if its because we are in the birth place of grunge or because they hired people to dress up in fuzzy rainbow colored people costumes and dance around the crowd or if it was because we got to hang out with the drummer...but they rocked.

Strange phenomenon here in Everyone always says that Washington is freezing and wet and gray. I will accept the gray but because there is no humidity or wind, at all, the weather is really delightful. Casual long sleeves and jeans with the raincoats handy but that is about it. The oddity is that the Seattlites don't seem to realize that the weather is amazing. They are in the pea coats with scarves and caps. It's rather wild. That and the hoodie thing. Everyone under the age of 45 has one seemingly at all times, around their waists. Why is that?

Today we are off to the Space Needle and The Music Experience!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Seattle Day1

We are in Seattle! With all the technology at my fingertips I still can't seem to blog via iphone so I have sneaked into the hotel business office for a minute to give the scoop on our first day in Washington state.

We are staying at the Hotel Max which is located in downtown. It is very chic and reminiscent of the 90's grunge scene in Seattle. Each floor is an exposition of photographs. For example, the 5th floor on each room door are pictures from live Nirvana shows. The hotel also instead of hosting the traditional Gideon bible actually has a menu of spiritual texts that they will bring to your room free of charge, along with a menu of pillows. So whether you are firm sleeping Catholic or a down feather sleeper Buddhist your needs will be fulfilled.

Today, because of the time change I woke up at 6:30 West coast time. I did all my internet duties and then went to Starbucks. This coffee business that is literally taking over the world is even more pronounced in Seattle, since this is its hometown. We started playing a game (mushiness coming here...) That every time we saw one we would kiss. We spent the day kissing on every corner because there really are two on every block of the city.

We had breakfast at a Seattle classic 24 hour diner called the Hurricane Cafe. We read the paper (this may lead to my complete and total rant against Sarah Palin but I will attempt to contain myself) and tasted fantastic breakfast foods (Kim I hope you guys went here!). Shortly after we headed to the Seattle Main library (oh CD!!) . The building is a work of art. The architecture is post modern and spectacular. We then did a historic underground tour of the city which was incredible (Tre and Chadd would have been in heaven.) We lunched on the bay at the Crab Pot.

This evening we are headed to see Head like a Kite and Harvey Danger and tasty eats with Mike. Can't wait.