Friday, October 10, 2008

Seattle Day 3, 4 and Home

I feel short of my blogging responsibilities while is Seattle so I will provide a short recap. We managed to do Seattle right. We went to all the most significant places like the Space Needle, Pikes Market, and the Music Experience which were all super cool. We, of course, checked out the first Starbucks, Chinatown (or the ever so popular international district) as well as the Waterfall Park.

That evening we had a very nice high end dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant where Mike, Eliot and I dressed in jeans and casual sweaters enjoyed 4 hours of fancy foods. We went and had a rugged dessert at the Hurricane Cafe because it is known for the Tsunami sundae.

The next day we headed north. We checked out Discovery Park and Golden Garden Park which lie on the shore of the Bay. The weather was comfortable. We walked a few trails and beaches. We explored thorough Ballard and ate lunch at a cute little local hamburger joint where we indulged in a variety of gourmet burgers and obsessed about playing trivia. We saw Archie McPhee and had cupcakes at the best cupcake place in Seattle, and in Washington State! (according to the awards on the windows.)

After a fun day about, Mikey headed home and Eliot and I took long naps. We headed to the movies for a laid back evening to see Bill Maher's flick and had a sushi and good conversation.

We headed on a jet plane the next day! We are home and safe.

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  1. I could have seen that Maher movie at its world premiere, but decided not to. He likes to make fun of people that don't share his religious beliefs. I'm a lot more tolerant, no matter what the religion, but I do tend to draw the line at Scientology.