Friday, October 24, 2008


When I was a little girl I hated plastic costumes and my mom would make me the best costumes by hand. I have been pretty much everything there is to be: a fun clown, a geisha, peter pan, bananas in pajamas, witch, 50's girl with poodle skirt, a princess, a cave woman....well the list goes on. It was super fun. My parents would dress us. My Cuca and Dani would dress up. My aunts and uncles would dress up. Before global warming it was actually cold in Florida that time of year and everyone in the neighborhood was waiting for you to come by.

When I was in high school my first long term boyfriend broke my heart on Halloween. He was at some other girls house when a bunch of us were walking around the neighborhood. South St. Petersburg was always much more like a small town, than the average sized city it really is. The worst of it was apparently everyone knew that he was a jerk but me. It ruined Halloween for many years. Admittedly, its still a little tainted because of it.

When I was in college my sorority had a tradition of Hallowennies. You would wake up in the morning and taped to your dorm door would be a card. On the outside a fun Halloween sticker, on the inside a surprising image of a hot sexy chap in all of his glory. It was funny, always alarming but funny nonetheless.

Now I am a teacher and have to help decide on Halloween dress code rules and spend Sunday building a Haunted House. The worst of it is dealing with the majority of my generation that are heading straight for the "slutty whatever costume fits" store which just seems to pop up for about month every year. You know what I mean: sexy nurse, hot librarian, or the screw me now kitty cat. No orginality, just a bunch a females out there wanting to get attention that most likely will be unwanted by the end of the night. Halloween has become exhausting. Sad really.

On the happier side of Halloween, El and I craved a pumpkin! It was fun and it looks scarier everyday. The heat it receives on our front stoop has made it moldy and therefore condense somehow, so its face is scrunching up making it even more menancing. I will be a homeowner for the first time this Halloween, so I am ready to distribute candy! See all the little children dressed in their mother's best filled with fright and Happy Halloweeness!

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