Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ballast Point Park

During my traditional exam period at the end of the school year, I have to be accessible to work and proctor some exams but I have some days off. On this particular day, the girls and I headed to the splash park at Ballast Point Park to meet a couple of friends to a great afternoon of fun. I packed some lunches. The one below is Lydia's. It's a bento lunch knock off but I think it worked. She had cheese, crackers, carrots, cucumber, ranch dressing, blueberries and chocolate graham fish as dessert.
This park is located at the edge of southern Hillsborough county, only a few minutes over the Gandy Bridge for me. It is compacted on the corner of the bay which makes this park breezing and cool even on a 90 degree day as it was on this day.

The splash park has partial fenced in area, really more in order to separate the water space from the other areas that this great area has to offer. As you can see from the picture below, there is a great view of the bay, some shady places to squat and have lunch. There is a small walking pier and boat docks for the water sport enthusiast. There is even a bait shop and small restaurant if you would like to pop in and make a day of it.

The play areas are multiple. There is a 2-5 playground area and a 5 and up area. They are huge, spectacular really. The one for the bigger kids is very elaborate and high. So high that our little ones which don't read the signs of age appropriateness are way to high to reach as they climb. Being as short as I am, sometimes a little nerve racking, but I try to be calm and let her try. Both areas have shade built in, but the park does have plenty of trees  for natural shade if needed.

The day was a splash ton of fun. Even Vivian got into the fun. Though I will say that the splash park itself was a little too much for her baby age. Next time I will wear a bathing suit and sit on the ground with her. Our friends brought buckets and they had a ball filling them up and sticking their feet in them and just spilling them over.

The park also has several picnic areas and a giant gazebo with tables. We took shelter there when it started to sprinkle a little. The larger park area isn't fenced in and it is next to a road which means you have to keep your eyes open. There are restrooms which is a new great thing for me as we continue to potty train. This a gem. Go and enjoy! It is so close to northern area of St. Pete there is no reason not to venture across the Gandy bridge.

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