Friday, January 18, 2013

Visions of Vivacious Sisterhood

At this stage of having two children there is always something to do. Some one has peed, some one is hungry, some one needs to be bounced on your knee. Never a dull moment. Never really a moment. Just a few days ago, I was laying on the couch. Almost like a scary dream I sat up gasping for air suddenly my mind racing, my heart pounding as if I had forgotten one of the kids somewhere when a peace came over me as I remembered they were both napping in their own beds. As my body relaxed back into the couch I heard, "Mooooooooooooooooooooooom!" Lydia was awake.

Vivian and Lydia are certainly getting into their own appropriate birth order rhythm. Lydia tells Vivian to take things out of her mouth. Vivian grabs Lydia's hair and pulls. Lydia pushes Vivian's hand away and says no no! She also tells me that Vivian is hungry or tired, just like any big sister would. There is very little that Lydia does that Vivian isn't completely enthralled with, she watches her every move and laughs. There are those moments like in the middle of Vivian's baptism where Lydia wanted to be held only by mommy. Or when she goes to bed at night and doesn't quite understand why she has to sleep in her own bed when she really wants to sleep in Vivian's bed and Vivian sleeps in another bed across the house in the mommy and daddy's room.

I can't wait to see how they will interact when Vivian is crawling or better yet walking or talking. What will their young conversations be about? My visions are of them holding hands skipping through fields of daisies together only to arrive at a tea party filled with their dolls and stuffed animals. They take turns sharing the imaginary tea pot and make idol chitchat with their playful guests. Or working together on the soccer field to score the winning point, headlines of sisters triumph in the Tampa Bay Times. Or the building of sand castles on the beach on a pleasant summer day that finishes off with a strong high five as they admire their work.

 I imagine the morning when Vivian arrives at the breakfast table wearing Lydia's sweater and Lydia saying, "Oh beloved sister of mine, it gives me the deepest pleasure that you look sensational in my sweater! I am so glad you took it without asking." Vivian will pass the juice and say "Thank you! And thank you for being kind and letting me wear it. I knew you were in the bath so I didn't get the chance to ask." Another gentle exchange of smiles will happen and off to school they will go.

Suddenly, I wake up on the couch gasping for air. Again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vegan Vendesday

Between an unusual number of sudden runners and an increase in vegan lifestylers, Eliot and I decided we needed to join a band wagon therefore decided in 2013 to install Vegan Vendesday. I apologize in advance to my German brothers and sisters for the ethnic slur, but I am a sucker for alliteration. I was listening to Oprah Radio and heard a fascinating show on the impact of going vegan even just once a week. Risks of diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity reduce tremendously and so we decided it was worth entering a new eating adventure. It helps that Eliot and I are foodies. There is an honest element of fun  in this for us.

The beginning was tough because when you begin to brain storm....what should I eat...inevitably a long list of items you can't eat come milk, no cheese, no salami, no yogurt, no ice cream, no cream, no turkey, no no no. The real challenge is not filling all the voids with starches, but even when you give in you have to resist the temptation of pouring butter on your noodles or sprinkling a little Parmesan over the top. Breakfast has been fairly consist with a bagel lathered in peanut butter and almond milk lattes (which basically means I warm up some almond milk and make an espresso from my Tassimo machine to pour in.) I am surprised at how much I don't mind the almond milk particularly if it's mixed with something like espresso, chocolate...

Even lunch has been an easier adjustment. Last week I had an ALT (avocado, lettuce and tomato) on toast which was really terrific, fruit and veggie snacks are simple and good. It's really been dinner where the real change has come in. Two things so far have struck me. First that both Eliot and I starving by the time we get home which is about 4:30. So we have eaten ferociously our vegan delights then and by 10 pm we are starved again which is the first. And the second is snacking; we aren't sure what to do with it or better yet what to eat with it.

Dinner takes planning in order to consider an interesting option. Week 1 we had couscous, red beans, avocado and scallions with a side salad of spinach almond and apple salad. Week 2 we had 3 bean and lentil chili with crackers. Both tasted yummy. However, the chili was a little rough on our tummy.

Today's menu features either refried bean burritos or tofu pasta.