Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Crafts

We made Valentines! I got this idea from Pinterest (of course) and I thought it was super cute.  I also like the fact that it serves as a keepsake since her hands are on there.
 I folded the red construction paper in half had Lydia put down her hand to trace. I had to be sure that her pointer finger and thumb were on the crease. Afterwards, we glued it down.
She decorated with stamps and stickers. Lydia loves to place the stickers in very specific places. She also decides which one was daddy's, which one was abuela y abuelo's and which on was for gram and grandpa Gaurkee. I added the writing of course, but Lydia is working on writing an "L" which she knows as her letter.
In order to include Vivi and since she is still too little to make her own Valentine, I traced her hand and added it to the corner of each and labeled it too. Here is Vivi with her card from Abuela. Vivi got her ears pierced last week at her 6 month visit in her outfit for church this past weekend.

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