Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sits, Stands, Crawls and Speaks!

Little Vivian is well on her way to beat her sister's early action records of babyhood. As I try to remember when Lydia did things, which by the way is nicely recorded in her baby book serving as a reference text and a reminder that I need to print pictures to add to Vivian's, I feel like Lydia crawled for about two days and then walked. Lydia walked very early at about 9 months. By the time her peers were really walking, Lydia was running (insert Forrest Gump voice here.)

Vivian is firmly 6 months old. In the past week she has sat up by herself, stood up in her crib, gotten that belly off the floor completely and actually moved her back knee forward for a crawl, she has said "dada" establishing the large vocabulary of 2 words. "Mama" being her first word, naturally. She drags herself all over the floor as if she is sneaking by the enemy by pulling herself with her arms. She stretches them out, grips the ground or rug, and pulls. Man, she is strong.

This is really when the fun starts in the life of a baby. She is becoming more and more her own person. She really hates having her nose cleaned to the point she moves her face, gives you a look disgust, and then screams. She thinks Lydia is the coolest, funnest, funniest, person alive. Anytime, Lydia is near her she smiles and laughs. Lydia is demanding to play with her more often too.

Earlier in the week Vivian rode a swing for the first time. It was my impression that she really enjoyed being on the baby swing because she didn't have to hold on to anything and she could successfully suck her thumb. Now that thumb was apparently delicious and the swinging was just a nice treat. Within the month, they both will start swim lessons. Vivian will do a Parent and Tot class and Lydia will be back in her Advanced Tot 1 class. It looks like we will be at swim 4 days a week, since their classes do not coincide. Vivian will be swimming across the pool, running down the hallway and pulling Lydia's hair before we know it.

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