Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maximo Park

Yesterday morning was the morning of all stars. It so was gorgeous we headed on to check out another park. I put everyone in bathing suits because it appeared that Maximo Park in the Southern St. Pete had a play area right next to the water with sand, sort of like a mini beach park. Maximo Park is huge! The primary area I would say is for boaters. There many very nice boat ramps and trailer parking.

Sadly we found the play area was under construction. And though, it looks like it will be a fantastic play area some day, today was not the day. As you can see the picture alone shows this massive area is covered by shade, which is terrific on a shoreline park.

There are lots of picnic shelters and the water is right there but because of the construction we didn't get out of the car with the girls, I can see the water is right there but I am not sure about the sand play area. You can see the Skyway bridge which is definitely a great vista.

This park also has a rare but coveted Disc Golf Course, biking and hiking trails and even a historical area which I couldn't quite find. We will try again towards the end of the summer to see if there are any changes to this facility because the prospects are great. The overall feel of the park is that you are there for business. You are a hiker or biker or boater but not really a hangout location, perhaps that will change one the renovations are complete.
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