Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rio Vista Park

Our dear friends were lucky enough to move into a new home with a park right next to it and behind it. We often call it their country house in the city. It is peaceful and quiet and lovely. I imagined that because of the  oddity of where the space is located that it would be a less frequented area but that is not the case at all. The majority of the park is between two sets of houses. It is long and somewhat narrow. A bike/ running pass runs through it. It actually serves to connect other biking paths specifically together I think. The area is very woodsy. For our girls it was a hoot because they were able to ride their bikes, trikes and scooters for a bit and then run in the to get pine cones, play with swords (sticks to other people) and hide from forest monsters.

It is very walk-able and safe. If you have a young child that does not like to be in a stroller or that may be a runner or both, this is a good park. There is nothing but the path and the woods. Towards the west end of the park there is a nice bridge that connects to parts of the neighborhood and a boardwalk that does the same both over a channel.
If you continue through the park, on the east end, perhaps even considered the most accessible piece of the park, there is a fenced in construction area which will be the future home of Rio Vista Park. It used to be Rio Vista Elementary School but the building was in bad shape and so they tore it down and it will now be a great size community park. The plans show a playground, exercise area, community garden and running trail. There will be some picnic shelters and a huge sized shelter that was already there that the city decided not to take down. The new portion of this park should be ready by April.

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