Tuesday, October 29, 2013

North Shore Park or Flora Wylie

The weather has been amazing, breezy, cool, and sunny. On Sunday evening we took advantage of the beauty that surrounds us and went  to North Shore Park. We picked up some dinner and had a picnic by the Bay.

This stretch of  St. Petersburg is gorgeous and is home to a series of outdoor spaces. North of North Shore there is stretch of park that runs along side of the bay. There is a long sidewalk for walkers, runners and bikers. The center portion is frequented by pick up soccer games and Spring Easter egg hunts this is called Eva Rouse Park. Connecting Eva Rouse and North Shore is a beautiful arboretum. The Gizella Kopsick Aboretum has a gorgeous array of native plant life showcasing over 200 different types of palm trees. It's a lovely area with great richness. The spot that we chose has a chunk of beach. Many locals come to swim and sun instead of fighting traffic to the Gulfside.
We of course ate and went to the playground. The playground is positioned right at the bend of the shoreline right behind the North Shore Aquatic Center which is the only pool in the Southern Pinellas that is open all year round. We enjoyed a summer day of kid water fun there a few months back. This park is recommended for kids 5-12 but both girls were fine. We learned that Vivian does not have any fear. So she will just attempt to walk right off the jungle gym if no one is with her. At one point, she walk right onto the slide, fell and slid all the way down with a look of panic and joy simultaneously.
At this park you have to keep an eye on your little ones because it sits near the corner that runs along the shoreline. The beach area and the park area are on different levels of the ground so there is a ledge that has a drop of about 3 feet. On the other side there is a parking lot and with all the activity in the area this too is quite busy. It has a sandy foundation which is not my mommy favorite because it gets everywhere and comes into your home as a stowaway in kid sneakers.
The thing that can not be beat is the scenery. It is spectacular.

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