Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lake Seminole Park

We found it. The greatest park ever. The other night we went to Lake Seminole Park which is just down the street from us. What I mean by down the street it is located 9 miles from my house on Park Boulevard. We arrived in the early evening. As we traveled through the path inward the road led us straight to the bicycle and paddle boat rental area. Super excited about the possibilities of these vehicles we looked at the reasonable prices and were about to make a decision about renting when the young guy who looked and spoke as if he was right out Surfer World magazine, told us that they were about to close. The hours for rental were 11-5. It is now on our official "To Do" list.
The playground was great. It had the two areas for big kids and little kids. The harder part of this is that Vivian really doesn't realize that she is little. She was tremendously demanding about getting on a ladder element that was way too hard for her. Matter of fact it was so awkwardly positioned that Eliot and I really couldn't help her do it. But she insisted until she was about to be on it for a minute.

There are several lakes or ponds that are positioned around the park. Along side of those are wooden swings which I really love. We sat on one for a bit and enjoyed the sunset and snapped a couple of pictures.
Afterwards we walked around a little and then hopped back in the car to see what else this expansive space had to offer. We found boat ramps, picnic shelters and another park area. Clearly there had been a party nearby because there was a lot of litter. Lydia kept asking what happened here and Vivian kept trying to pick things up and put them in the trash. What can I say we have clean kids. Mostly due to my clean mother and equally clean husband, plus a little of "everything in the right place makes you feel good" mom.

However, the best element of the smaller play space was a good size climbing wall. There was another climbing apparatus but it wasn't fit for my girls. My one critique about public climbing walls is there never seems to be a section that is novice enough. I think it would be a good idea to label these things so you could walk up and know what you about to do.
We were very impressed with Lake Seminole Park. We hoping to go back and ride the bikes and boats soon. It is always nice where there is something new to offer the community and we felt that this park did just that well element of new and interesting very well.

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