Monday, April 29, 2013

Straub Park

Straub Park split by North and South by 2 Avenue North. The South Park tends to have a little less activity, however it does have quite a bit of modern art and some classic statues. It also has a nice sidewalk area that cuts straight through the middle of the park.
Yesterday I tool Lydia to North Straub Park for the Painting in the Park event sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Pete which is adjacent to the park. It was a great time. The banyan trees that line the area provide a lot of shade and the wide space in the middle of the park was a perfect clearing for the kites that we made with the help of the St. Pete Kite Club. Several other community vendors where there including Amley and Amley orthodontics were there making thumb molds for the kids which as a former brace-face I loved. Lydia's is so small they were able to mold her entire hand.

Straub Park is located downtown St. Petersburg between the gorgeous waterfront that holds the Classic St. Pete pier and St. Pete Yacht Club. On the other side is the very hip happening area  filled with restaurants, bars and novelty shops. Currently in construction is the Baywalk area which houses a great movie theater that usually has a least a handful of independent films plus the latest blockbuster.

This park is a great place to people watch, have a picnic and let your kid run in the open field. This was the location of our first family photos and that is what Lydia did, run! Sprint is more like it. This park was also the host of Snowfest. Snowfest kicked off with a Christmas parade that ended with the arrival of Santa which sets up camp for at the park for the holiday season. There are times posted for families to take kids to talk to Santa, a mailbox that is directly for connected to the North Pole and every things is decorated with festive lights. From tree lighting to ice skating to illuminated boat parade it is a great place to enjoy during the holidays.

During the month of May, there are movies in the park that are free of charge. Some vendors are there, seating is first come first serve. There is a good selection of movies including a family friendly option, this year is E.T. July 4th there are fireworks on the water, there always seems to be something happening at Straub Park. Parks aren't always just places for kids to climb on playground equipment. Parks are places where communities can gather and enjoy the outdoors; fresh air and this park is ideal for just that.

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