Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big Farm Breakfast

Lydia goes to preschool 3 mornings a week. Her class however does meet 5 days a week and on a day that she was not there they had a farm breakfast. We saw the pictures on Facebook and decided that we could have a farm breakfast dinner.

They have been talking about farms at school and Lydia was quite surprised to learn that so many foods came from animals. When I told her, her response was, "No, Mom that's silly." After a while of convincing she proudly explains that eggs and chicken nuggets come from chickens. Milk, cheese and hamburgers come from cow and strawberries come from trees.

I like to let the girls cook. For Lydia this was not her first time in the kitchen. However for Vivian it was. She worn a very fashion forward hot pink apron and enjoyed mixing things with dad.

On the Farm Breakfast Menu was:

  • Pancakes
  • Fruit
  • OJ
  • Eggs
  • Bacon

Lydia pours the ingredients into the bowl and mixed them. I let her use an Ikea kids knife to cut strawberries and bananas. She cracked the eggs for the scrambled eggs but she really did not like getting the sliminess on her fingers. She did happily mix them up.

 We cooked everything in an electric griddle that way Lydia could actually make it. And she did. She poured the batter in, sometimes overly excitedly and she stirred the eggs. We cheated a little and made bacon in the microwave, but for a 3 year old it worked perfectly.
Our dear friend Aunt Brigitte came over to eat and help! She brought OJ and oranges which Lydia peeled for each of us, well I think she made it peeling alone only hers. We ate a great farm breakfast! It was a really fun evening.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Largo Central Park

Largo Central Park is the best park in Pinellas county. We have been to it several times and it is always...well, AWESOME! There is no other word for it. It is the best park. There is a ton of playground equipment in a fenced in playground area. Even when it appears that it is overcrowded there is so many options and places to play you don't get the feeling of too many people in a small space. Partly also because it is not a small space.

Everything imaginable to play one. From bridges, slides, swings, houses, merry-go-rounds, trains, sandbox, climbing walls, and to be honest there is more. Speaking of trains the first weekend of each month there is an actual train to ride for free. There is a huge field to run and play. At this particular visit there were people setting up a live action role playing game similar to in the movie Role Models. Awesome.

Outside of the playground area there are covered shelters to host parties which there are always many. There is an area with exercise equipment for adults, a running path, fountain, sculptures to see,  and shady tree areas. In the same grounds, but technically not the park is the Largo Library and Largo Cultural Center both of which offer great resources and events for the community, particularly my area of interest is the children's programming.

Some of our favorite times at this park have been just throwing down a blanket and watching the clouds. It is really a fabulous place however in all public spaces even awesome ones, as a parent you have to keep an eye on your children. Seems like a reasonable idea, especially with small kids like mine, but it is always surprising how little this occurs. We had 4 adults this time and 2 kids and all of us were "on" the entire time. Several of the structures are very large and the girls were climbing and sliding down giant slides. We had 2 adults up top and 2 on the bottom and we still had to signal each other. It's a park not a babysitter, so go out and have some family fun.


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