Thursday, May 16, 2013

Albert Whitted Airport Playground

God has blessed our patch of Florida with what can only be described at unprecedented exceptional weather. It has been sunny and warm during the day and down right pleasant some, being me, may even say charming in the evening. In our attempt to continue on our Summer Park Quest we ventured out to downtown. I also wanted to take a few pictures of the Pier before it's flattened which will be the subject of another blog along with the Stop the Lens movement that failed.  Regardless, we ended up at the Albert Whitted Airport Playground.

This playground shares the land on the famous site of the Albert Whitted Airport which is the home of the very first scheduled flight in 1914. This remarkable historical treasure now serves recreational pilots, the Honda Grand Prix,  and the home of the restaurant the Hangar that has floor to ceiling windows allowing for a great view over your meal.  On a corner of the land the created a park with a playground. A spectacular playground with a very fun airport theme. I have to say, Lydia loves the playground, every time we have been there. The mix of traditional elements like slides, swings and climbing apparatus plus the tall watch tower, vehicles to ride and your own flight track makes for imaginative play and an all around fun time.

The playground is fenced in and there are several areas that have shade for grown up or babies. Yesterday we took a blanket and Vivian and I played on there for a bit before she was clearly ready to explore more options. There are two play structures, one for 2-5 year olds and the other for 5-12. Both are in the shape of airplanes.

The view is spectacular with the marina and pier in the distance. At this time of day, it was refreshing to be there. In the middle of the day, the shady areas are quite a bit less shady and the heat is intense, but on this May evening night there were no complaints. Other than from Lydia, who really didn't want to leave.

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