Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earl R. Maize Park in Feather Sound

A great little park tucked at the north end of Pinellas county by the Howard Franklin in the neighborhood of Feather Sound, Earl R. Maize Recreation Area, is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. One of the best features is that the play area is fenced in, which I have mentioned before. This lets moms and dads get distracted for a second, enjoy the shaded areas and fresh air without fear of losing their kids or the kids running into a potentially dangerous area.
The park has two areas one for younger kids and one for older kids. There are swings, riding toys and several different climbing options, which are kids really liked. We went with a friends that live near by and our girls played nonstop for almost an hour and half. The space itself isn't huge, but it was perfect.

There is also an open field where some adults had a friendly game of soccer going on and a basketball court where another friendly pick up full court game of adults was on it's way.

Since the park boarders the nature preserve right on the bay, there is a boardwalk with many sitting benches so you can rest, or meditate or just enjoy the scenery. The boardwalk is short; connecting the two parking areas that book end the park from the play area to the basketball court.
Right outside of the play area there are several picnic tables that are covered. It was friendly from the moment we walked it, even down to the cute details on the trash cans. It turns out that this park was created by a group of community volunteers which in my book is likely why it's so nice. Average people think about what average people need, and the result is good in this case. I also learned that Feather Sound is it's own area and not considered St. Pete, who would've known.

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