Friday, April 12, 2013

Guilty as Charged

Lydia has a cold. She is stuffy and coughy and all around feeling crummy. It started earlier in the week, but seemed fairly benign. Yesterday she woke up and was feeling warm all day. By the time I made it home Eliot had Vivian ready to go to swim and we had decided to let Lydia skip her class yesterday, but since it was Vivian's first swim lesson we took a family trip to the YMCA so I could take pictures. Lydia was very lethargic. She was clearly out of it. She was happy to see Vivian swim but didn't want to run around or anything. On the way home we got her a Happy meal because she loves it and we were hoping it would entice her to eat, which sadly it didn't.

She took her Happy meal and went straight to the bar in the kitchen and sat down. She put her hands on her head and said, "Mom, I don't feel so good." After picking up my heart from the floor, I told her she had a cold and that was making her feel bad. She accepted this answer and went on to drink her apple juice.

We took her temperature, it was 101.3. We gave her Tylenol which did nothing  and let her lay in bed with me watching cartoons. At one point, she looks up at me and asks, "Mom, what's wrong with me?" Strong enough to hold back my own tears, I told her that everyone gets sick sometimes and she would be better soon.

Since she still had a temp a couple hours later we gave her Motrin and she fell right a sleep and slept well through the night. I checked on her and she was still warm. Eliot check on her before he left this morning and she was still warm. I came to work and called the pediatrician's office as soon as they were open. Since she hasn't really had fevers previous, they asked me to bring her in. Luckily I didn't have classes until the afternoon. I hopped back into the car and headed home to get her.

Doc said her throat was red, her ear look infected and lymphoids were swollen. Antibiotics were prescribed. Through I am not one to pour antibiotics down any of us for no reason, I also realize that at some point the current medications won't work and they (meaning the people that do that sort of thing) will make new ones that do work, so I might was well use the current ones while we all can.

I drop of the meds, took her to Publix and pretty much got her anything she wanted. She got a cookie, 3 different types of juice, fresh fruit, popsicles,  and even a butterfly balloon, because I am the type of mom that when her toddler feels sick I give her anything she wants and I do not care what precedent it may set. My baby is feeling yucky and I got her pudding too! I am guilty as charged! I took her back home gave her the meds which she took completely willingly and cuddled her up on the couch with Abuela.

Tonight we will watch Wreck it Ralph and veg out. Try to keep Vivi at bay from Lydia which will likely not work and Lydia eat anything that she is willing to eat.

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