Friday, May 31, 2013

Bay Vista Park

When I was a kid my parents used to take me to this Bay Vista Park. This is where I learned how to ride a bike, roller skate and swing as high as I could to try to touch the clouds.

As a teenager, my friends and I would hang out there with our boyfriends or girlfriends. We carved our names in a picnic table. I remember one afternoon just hanging out on the viewing pier as a teenager with 15 of my closest friends ever just laying on the floor and laughing.

Bay Vista Elementary is where I went to school. The shared name adds a little warm nostalgia for me. It is fair to say that I am very fond of this space.

As for my kids they loved it too. This park is an oasis of South St. Pete as it is located at the tip of the county overlooking water and a perfect view of the Skyway Bridge. My folks are only minutes away so they joined us on this excursion. You can see that both seniors and infants can find activities to do at this park.

There is brand new playground equipment that a very intrigued Lydia inspected. The park has a fence between the parking lot and the rest of the park which provides a safety feature for kids that may run into possible traffic. There is a recreation center that has various activities which did not exist when I was younger making the park seem slightly smaller now than it did then, since there is a good size building at the end of the front of the park. My mom had mentioned several years back that my dad and her were going to take up canasta when they retired and play at that rec center. My dad wasn't into it.

There is a great viewing pier that has always gotten the most delightful breeze. We sat out there for a bit and played a couple of circle games which we have on video. Lydia is a super fan of ring around the rosy at the moment.

After our games and family fresh breeze fun, Eliot and Lydia played in the sand. There is a small beachy area that has a patch of sand and you can play right in a very clear shoreline of water. We brought the sand toys. They made sand sea creatures and captured little crabs nearby.

Our last stop was the boat dock which is always fun because it moves with the flow of the water. It was slightly choppy out there on this day but it added to the fun. Plus it made for a great father daughter picture op.

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