Monday, June 10, 2013

Failed Crafty Moments

For Easter I made Vivian her own finger paints. I bought Vanilla pudding and used just one drop of  natural food coloring for each little cup. After stirring it around the color easily took and put them in to little glass jars. They looked cute and I put them in her basket.
With all the excitement, colds and to-dos, we hadn't gotten a chance to use them yet. I happen to glance at the inside of her basket which was still sitting on our buffet and noticed aqua ooze splattered all over. Not really processing what had happened yet, I grab the jar to see that all the jars had ooze seeping out the lids. Apparently the pressure somehow caused it to implode, and then come out.

So I toss them out, assuming that if it combusted I couldn't in good for my baby. I did however, buy more pudding and I figure when we are ready to do it, I will mix it and let her play.

My other failed project was this giant large floral chair and a funky 80's giant ottoman that were both given to us and are both super comfy. Since they are atrocious we got chair covers. We got a green color because we found the ottoman and chair cover in the same shade. Now we have a beautiful new gray couch in that lounge library type room and this green ottoman and chair situation. Instead of getting another expensive cover I decided to dye it. I figured a darker shade of gray would be nice but the Rit Dye folks only had one gray option so that is what I got, a pearl gray that from the moment I saw it against the share, I knew it was likely not going to take, but I still had to try.
I boiled the water, added vinegar as instructed, gloved and stirred ferociously. I let things soak for over 30 minutes. I looked at the instructions repeatedly and I had followed them to the tee. I did notice that in small writing it said, will not dye polyester, rayon or wool. I looked at the cover label and it is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. I poked and stirred my bucket filled with material some more and then rinsed it in defeat.
I tried. I failed. It's still green, well like a greenish.

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