Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Yesterday I started teaching summer school which for some reason I really perversely enjoy. I have full 3 hour blocks with my students every day and no real administrative duties. To me it's like teacher heaven with the exception that I really don't have any breaks during the day. I taught from 8:30-3:30 with about 45 minutes for lunch between clean up and set up between classes.

At a sharp 3:30 I went home.
Arrived at 4:00. I threw on comfortable clothes got Lydia into her swimmies and speed off to swim class.
After swim, I came home about 6, ate something then took off to drop the Toyota to get something fixed.
7:30 I was back, parents left (thank God for them!) and bathed both girls.
8:30 but Vivian down.
8:45 Lydia down.
9 ordered Father's day things for the grandpas, looked at some bills.
9:30 Printed out some coloring sheets with the letter B. Lydia likes letters right now.
10 I finally got in my PJ and watched Food Network Star (Shut it! I love it!)

It was one of those days that you just don't even get a chance to sit down. Exhausting.

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  1. see another reason I so admire you,you always fine time for something to do