Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dell Homes Park

We visited Dell Homes Park on Saturday to celebrate a very special little girl's 3rd birthday, Lydia's bestie, Holland. The park is located on the shores of Lake Maggorie on the south side of St. Pete.

It is a huge park with picnic areas and shelters with grills. There is a ginormous playground area that is fenced in. There is every kind of equipment imaginable for younger or older kids. There are fun climbing things and little huts for kids to sit in under the shade.

Litdell Holmes Jr. served as the city's park director for 20 years. The memory of his dedication to the city was encapsulated by this enormous cutting edge park. The quiet neighborhood that houses the park also has a gazebo, fishing pier, putting green and fitness trail.

The park is also the home of the only splash park in St. Pete. The kids loved it. Squirts, sprinkles, showers all over! This is a huge draw to families which was evident on this hot day by the bunches of people that were there today.

It's a great park. The only downfall is that it is THE splash park for the southern half of Pinellas county. And the next nearest one in Pinellas is Largo, or Dunedin. The other option is Tampa. Splash parks are a sort of new hip trend but its a brilliant idea in Florida. Because of the location of Dell Homes I would rarely go there to fight crowds for some splashing, but for those close by it is a really nice recreation area.

At the end of our visit the Polar Cup guy was near our car which made Eliot's day. He loves an icy. I have admit it was a delicious end to a fun hot day.

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