Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lealman Park

Lealman Park turned out to be a not so hidden treat, as it's positioned right in 54th avenue N. It is completely fenced in all around with plenty of parking on the interior street. Lealman is a a tiny area which most would consider part of St. Pete but technically it is a CDP or census designated place. Thus there is no link through the city of St Pete for the park, however it does have a Facebook page.

Within the fenced in area there was a fenced in basketball court, pretty clean bathrooms with soap and paper towels which for our public parks is a rarity and a covered pavilion.

The park was very shady which was perfect for the summer party we attended there. In addition to the natural shady of the many trees there was a giant parachute shade over top of the playground area. There were tons of swings and a good climbing set with a slide.

I've noticed that the parks that are the most successful with my girls are the ones that have at least a couple of not traditional items such as the climbing fire truck below. They pretended to drive it, ride it, to be trapped in it, to save people and on it went. There was also a giant purple dragon for 2 to ride.

The soft ground is great for the little ones. Vivi crawled a little and cruised a bit on some of the equipment. The soft play ground also apparently allowed Lydia to fall, get a scrape and not even flinch.

It was a really nice space which had everything needed for a great park experience.

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