Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Free or Cheap

    Every year, about this time, I look ahead to summer and day dream. I am ready for the break and I am tired. I dream of days playing the role of a stay at home mom and since I only get to do that a couple of weeks a year, I want to be sure to make the most of it. This year, I am feeling more cost conscious since we are still working on small projects on the house. Therefore, all the items on the list are either free or very inexpensive. The Summer Bucket List is toddler and baby friendly for the most part, however I acknowledge that a few things, like spaghetti painting will be a terrific mess with the baby. The only thing that bothers me about the list is that it isn't a round number. I like round numbers. So if there are any additional suggests please let me know.

  1. Beach (Ft. Desoto and St. Pete Beach)
  2. Pool (I have stocked up on Dollar Tree Pool Items)
  3. Summer Park Quest
  4. Splash Parks (Dell Holmes, Ballast Point Park,)
  5. Largo Itty Bitty Pool Time
  6. Library Story Times
  7. Kid Museums ( Glazer, Great Explorations We have annual passes!)
  8. Watch a Sunset
  9. Puddle jumping.
  10. Bubble Pool
  11. Driveway Water Painting
  12. Ice Cream in a Bag (I have got to try this!)
  13. Spaghetti Painting (When I am feeling brave.)
  14. Dress up Tea Party with friends
  15. Teach Lydia to love sandwiches
  16. Make puppet theater (out of the giant box in the garage that I have been saving for the last year)
  17. Make puppets out of old socks, paper bags
  18. Massage, Mani, Pedi (I have a gift card. I will also say that this falls under that idea, that if Mom is happy, everyone is happy. So in essence, getting a massage makes a better wife, mom, daughter and friend. I am really doing it for them.)


  1. Wire grass mall in Wesley chapel, has restaurants, live music, monkey business indoor gym ($8 a kid I think)

  2. Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid Show is free for under 5 y/o and $13 for adults. That includes access to the spring fed water park, which is a blast, especially if Lydia can swim!