Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Not so Rainy Day

Everyone has a cold so we stayed home all day and had an indoor playground.

Set up the tent inside.

Lydia said she was the wolf and was going to blow house down.

We also had the crawling tube up.

A pile of pillows for lounging.

And Vivi you may wonder? Working on that crawl.

I put a ton of blankets on the floor so she would have a lot of different textures to touch and feel. She really enjoyed that. There was also a coloring corner, a reading corner, a giant basket to throw balls into and this all connected to the play room which didn't get much action today.

Now we are laying in my mom and dads bed resting while watching a Dora marathon. Vivi napped earlier so she is doing nutty things in the pack and play next to us.

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