Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Water Week

This week we have been checking things off the summer list. Everyday this week we have done something in the water.
Monday Lydia took a big jump at swim lessons with her ability to follow directions and actually swim.

Tuesday I needed to get a few things done in the garage and so I filled up a couple of Tupperware of water and let both girls play with the beach toys. They loved it and were entertained almost 2 hours. Later in the afternoon the Rohrs clan came over and we played in the pool for a while.

Wednesday Eliot was home so we went to Northshore pool to play in the kid section. For all 4 of us it was $10 and we were there 2 hours so it was certainly a deal. Parking was free and we took snacks. I also took a could of toys which was a good idea because the kid section was great but my girls are still a bit little and have a healthy fear of water, so the giant buckets falling in their heads they avoided. I had a ball on the other hand. Even slid down the slide.

Thursday we had a girl day at the Florida Aquarium. We saw fish and played outside in the water park and sandbox area. Lydia really takes a lot of time to warm up to splash parks. She hates water in her face and so she tends to run around them until she gets brave. She never quite got there this time. She played in the sand box and some girl took her shovel so she threw sand in her.
I was a little further away with Vivi and when I went over to ask the mom had one of those looks on her face as if her child would never commit any indiscretion in her short life. I hate that. I made Lydia apologize and she sat time in time out and ate a snack. I should have brought some sand toys. Oh well.

Friday we had planned on a pool day with the Abuelos. But Vivian was noticeably not feeling well. She had gotten an ear infection.
Luckily even though she was asymptomatic with exception of a fever. I decided to take her in to see the doctor. So we played and cleaned and did house things. We had gathered some leaves from the front yard and painted them. We then used them as stamps. Vivian did very well with a brush considering she's not quite 1 year old yet.

Later on we had a lovely dinner and playtime with friends. It was a great way to end a busy week. After a couple of hours of play everyone got in their pajamas. Lydia chose hers. She insisted even though it's 90 degrees out and it feels like 103. She did look cute though for sure.

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