Friday, October 31, 2008

For the record...

I did not actually watch Game 5 of the World Series, so I had no effect on the game whatsoever.

Election Day is coming up. I am hoping that all those voters out there get out and make their choices known. It will be a big day for our country and if all goes well for history. I am excited about the possibility of change, a country that I could feel proud of and believe that all people will actually be liberty and have justice for all. Nothing is set in stone! Get out and vote!

McCain is no saint. Did you know that he filed for a marriage license to his second wife while still being married to his first? Did you know that he was 588 in a class of 589? Did you know that he crashed his little airplane three previous times because of negligence prior to crashing when he became a POW? He isn't as trustworthy as some may believe.

Obama is no saint either but he seems to have a past that has been dedicated to helping others. He might really have socialist ideas but it doesn't mean he is a socialist. If he is for equality of all people that can lead to good things: maintain the women's right to choose, Gay/Lesbian marriage, and immigration reformation.

Neither candidate has a good plan for health care or the war in Iraq or the economic crisis. The problems are too big and too indepth for a plan that can be articulated in five minutes. It's just too complex and the solutions are not simple. We are voting for the man that has the greatest capability to lead a bi-partisan solutions.

I think you know my vote! Rock it! November 4th.

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