Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seattle Day 2

Head Like a Kite rocked it! I don't know if its because we are in the birth place of grunge or because they hired people to dress up in fuzzy rainbow colored people costumes and dance around the crowd or if it was because we got to hang out with the drummer...but they rocked.

Strange phenomenon here in Everyone always says that Washington is freezing and wet and gray. I will accept the gray but because there is no humidity or wind, at all, the weather is really delightful. Casual long sleeves and jeans with the raincoats handy but that is about it. The oddity is that the Seattlites don't seem to realize that the weather is amazing. They are in the pea coats with scarves and caps. It's rather wild. That and the hoodie thing. Everyone under the age of 45 has one seemingly at all times, around their waists. Why is that?

Today we are off to the Space Needle and The Music Experience!

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