Friday, October 3, 2008

Seattle Day1

We are in Seattle! With all the technology at my fingertips I still can't seem to blog via iphone so I have sneaked into the hotel business office for a minute to give the scoop on our first day in Washington state.

We are staying at the Hotel Max which is located in downtown. It is very chic and reminiscent of the 90's grunge scene in Seattle. Each floor is an exposition of photographs. For example, the 5th floor on each room door are pictures from live Nirvana shows. The hotel also instead of hosting the traditional Gideon bible actually has a menu of spiritual texts that they will bring to your room free of charge, along with a menu of pillows. So whether you are firm sleeping Catholic or a down feather sleeper Buddhist your needs will be fulfilled.

Today, because of the time change I woke up at 6:30 West coast time. I did all my internet duties and then went to Starbucks. This coffee business that is literally taking over the world is even more pronounced in Seattle, since this is its hometown. We started playing a game (mushiness coming here...) That every time we saw one we would kiss. We spent the day kissing on every corner because there really are two on every block of the city.

We had breakfast at a Seattle classic 24 hour diner called the Hurricane Cafe. We read the paper (this may lead to my complete and total rant against Sarah Palin but I will attempt to contain myself) and tasted fantastic breakfast foods (Kim I hope you guys went here!). Shortly after we headed to the Seattle Main library (oh CD!!) . The building is a work of art. The architecture is post modern and spectacular. We then did a historic underground tour of the city which was incredible (Tre and Chadd would have been in heaven.) We lunched on the bay at the Crab Pot.

This evening we are headed to see Head like a Kite and Harvey Danger and tasty eats with Mike. Can't wait.

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