Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Events

The Save the Date crisis has hopefully been resolved. It was great because I was the only one laughing and since I am the bride that is a good thing I am told. El was annoyed at the post office and kindly, a couple of bridesmaids jump quickly provided several options to help. My mom had an instant plan. A set of new envelopes and time during Project Runway solved it all.

This weekend should be busy. We have an appointment with a florist Friday afternoon, then off to Orlando for dinner with The Koshys and the Zac Brown concert. Then return to Tampa, for El to play early morning tennis, a going away party at the Hard Rock and then Rock Band at the studio (aka the Rohrs) Fingerpaint really needs to practice if we are ever going to get signed. Sunday, I hope to have coffee with an old college friend and church in the morning to meet the minister that will marry us into our happy ever after. In the in between times I really would like to cook a bit and maybe weed my front flower bed, but for some reason that may fall right off the list.


  1. you have no priorities. that flower bed is screaming to be rescued from all the weeds

  2. What?! Weed when there are wedding things to do? And why is eliot responding to your blog when he should be thanking me on facebook for saving him from a candy buffet. Sheesh. No respect.