Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 9 The Zoo and Vietnamese

The Milwaukee County Zoo considered one of the top zoos in the country a few years back has certainly maintain a great atmosphere.

We took the girls and the Aunties and fed the goats. We had local dairy ice cream and Lydia road a pony named Norman.

It was a beautiful day for the zoo. The weather was 76 and breezy; could not have asked for a more perfect day. One of the great features of this zoo is how close you could get to the animals, because of the winters here there were indoor and outdoor options for viewing. In Florida if an animal is too hot or it's rainy they can tuck inside and not be seen, here if the animal went to nap there was still a way to take a peek.

We saw a lazy red panda that looked like a fox and an orangutan that was huge. There was a dancing polar bear and a very showy tiger as well. Lydia discovered the mold-a-ramas so we now own 3 delightful wax toys.

There was a perfect amount of time to get home and freshen up before heading to Hue an awesome Vietnamese restaurant in the Bay view area of Milwaukee. We got to see Cousin Nick who was a terrific mix-o-logist and had exquisite food.

Vivian loved Vietnamese food and took a try at using her chopsticks.

It was a great night out and at the end we saw Elizabeth Shue! It's been a celeb vacation all over.

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