Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 8 Baha'i and West Allis

We took our sweet time getting out of Chicago and drove up the coast of Lake Michigan through Loyola and Northwestern to arrive at the most magnificent treasure, the Baha'i temple. There are only 9 specific temples in the world. A couple years ago when I was doing research for my book I read about this place and it was one of the primary reasons Eliot and I decided on this road trip.

The temple is 9 sided and simply spectacular. Nine is considered the number of perfection and so there are 9 entrances, 9 pillars, and 9 lush gardens around it.

Inside at the center in Arabic it says "O Thou Glory of Glories."

Baha'is believe in the unity of religion. One faith, one god, one humanity. Thus they read from all the major religious text and have also depicted those symbols in their structure.

The surrounding gardens have beautiful flowers.

Afterwards we stop and had lunch and made our way to Eliot's home town of Milwaukee in the suburbs to see where he grew up and some amazing family.

We had dinner at the Painted Parrot and enjoyed an awesome fish fry! Made you want to keep eating and eating.

Once dinner was over we drove through Eliot's old neighborhood and house he was little in. It was really neat to see it. We chatted with the folks that live there now and jaunted through memory lane.

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