Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 11 St. Louis Arch

After sleeping in for a bit we headed to grab something to eat in the historic district of St. Louis before heading to the Arch. It was slightly a little early for lunch but not wildly. At 11 am I expect there to be the beginnings of a lunch crowd. Well we entered an empty Hannigans at 11 and by quarter till noon we walked out with empty stomachs. Our server came took our order and completely disappeared. We walked out. In the almost 7 years Eliot and I have been together we have never collectively been so irritated or impatient with a restaurant.
Since we had wasted all that time we dashed into Subway to eat and then headed to the arch.
I have to say that I'm pretty happy that we expanded west. Happy that I wasn't born into that era. Happy not to live on a prairie or have 6 kids with variations of the name that sounds like John Boy. And Happy I didnt have to ride in a buggy across America. I like California. Vegas was a hoot. New Mexico is beautiful and Washington was very hip. However I'm always a little conflicted over the taking land from the Native Americans thus I try not to revel too much in our massacres in the west. The gateway into the west, the St Louis Arch is very cool feat of architecture.

We did our long part of driving today. So other than a quick stop for gas and dinner at Cracker Barrel we have been cruising.

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