Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 1 & 2 Chattanooga

We left midmorning yesterday and we arrived a brief 10 hours later in Chattanooga. A few things learned. Traveling with 2 kids means twice as much popping into the back seat to amuse a child or feed a baby or watch Cinderella.

We made great time considering we have a potty trained 2 1/2 year old and a baby. Mapquest had predicted 9 hours to this southern Tennessee delight, thus 10 hours no so bad.
After a great dinner at a burger joint on Market called Blacksmiths we rested a full 12 hours. We had a fine diner breakfast really more like brunch which was fine but totally threw off our food day. It was a rainy day here so took a cab to Creativity Discovery Museum which is the children's museum here. We have an annual pass back home which is reciprocal for all children's museums in the northern associations.
We were there a full 3 1/2 hours. We left no corner unturned. They had a great baby area that Vivi really blossomed in. It's funny and adorable because she can be a little shy now and again whereas Lydia never has known the word.

Lydia of course was able to do almost everything in the museum. And she took advantage of it particularly the music exhibit. That was by far her favorite.

But she also dug for dinosaur fossils, had a boat race, drove a train, aided a sick baby, painted and hid in a civil war shelter...all in a two year old's day.

We came back took naps and lounged around. In the early evening we took a quick dip in the indoor pool at the hotel however our Florida blood was much too thin for the frigid temperature. Not sure if the others in the pool were from the far north or just nutty but we didn't stay long. Eliot even said he thought it was cooler than his parents pool after all the rain we have gotten recently.
Tomorrow Chicago. The second leg of our road trip. Can't wait to get to the Windy City!
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