Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 4 Windy City

The girls have a cold. We started out the morning by going to an urgent care office because little Vivi simultaneously sounded like a trucker and has no voice. Nothing worse than a horse baby. The doctors were great they checked out Lydia too whose prognosis was that she was on the mend and that Vivi simply because she's smaller may need some antibiotics in a couple of days if she doesn't feel better. They gave us a script which actually will take until tomorrow to fill because the med is so new that no one has it in stock.

Afterwards we had a little lunch and walked to the Navy Pier. Chicago has all the coolness of a big city and the warmth of the Midwest. We have really enjoyed it. We popped into yet another children's museum. This one definitely had several unique exhibits but not as much as other places.
Lydia and Eliot built houses for a bit while Vivi napped.

Later on in the Spring Meadow area Vivi woke up and found herself in a lily pad.

Lydia drove a tractor.

Vivi went fishing.

After the discovery fun we walked around the Navy Pier. Enjoyed the views over Lake Michigan.

Then our favorite Midwesterners on their way home from their own epic road trip vacation decided to meet up with us for a quick visit. The kids ran around and splashed in the fountain.

I hadn't packed a bathing suit in our backpack and Lydia insisted on having one. So I threw on her Vivian's onesie that I had tucked away. Lydia is so slender I knew that wouldn't be a problem but I was surprised it fit height wise.

Sarah Gaurkee, Eliot's cousin whose a student in Chicago met up with us and we went to dinner together. We love her spirit of travel and adventure and youth. It was so great to catch up with her. Sadly we missed our photo op with her but we plan to visit her at work to make up for it.
Vivi and I left dinner early because Vivi had had it. She was cranky and sleepy and needed to cuddle up and go night night, which is exactly what we did.

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