Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 6 Fish, Deep Dish and Fireworks!

The morning was divine after a full night sleep by everyone. Not being real particular about maintaining nap schedules there are a few more baby break downs than normal. Thus we decided to take a cab to The Shedd Aquarium for an easy trip there and then hoping for naps on our jaunt back which worked out perfectly.

At this point Eliot and I have visited 4 aquariums through our travels. My favorites are usually the same jelly fish, sea horses and turtles, but I have to admit that in also enjoy seeing some giant spectacular creatures that make you feel awe over the creations of the universe, this is why people like Shark Week because it's crazy and cool all wrapped up into none. I'm not sure the Shedd did this well.

We saw a 4D Dora and Diego movie that both girls loved and then we went to the aquatic show that was super lame. There was a dog doing tricks, seriously, I like dogs and all but not really the show I'm looking for at the aquarium. Being from Florida perhaps I see more sea life doing flips and such than an average middle American but come on, a huge disappointment. The layout was not organic at all to follow but I will say that I enjoyed our final look at the aquariums from around the world.

We walked to the Sears tower now known as the Willis Tower on our way we stopped at the largest circulating library in the US. We like libraries. The girls napped while we walked. Our City Pass got us a fast pass through the hour wait at the Tower which meant we didn't wait even a minute. I hate heights but I love these landmarks. My ears are still popping from being 103 floors up!

We swung by to see Cousin Sarah at work and then stop in at Due Pizzeria which was established in 1945. We had a couple of beers and a couple of deep dish pies and it was the best pizza. It was divine and not overly greasy at all as my previous experience with thick crust has been.

From there we took off to the Navy Pier for Summer fireworks which the girls loved and so did we. One of my most favorite things are fireworks.

Vivian fell asleep so we walked around and found a local band covering some covers. We stop for a short bit to let Lydia rock out at bit.

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