Monday, June 16, 2008

Machu Picchu

Another early morning yesterday, 5:30AM, silly Peru. I got on to a tiny bus that takes you up to Machu Picchu on a very tiny road with very narrow turns on the side of a mountain. The only precarious thing is that the one bus barely fits and it functions a two lane road, so there are plenty of moments where you figure that you will plummet to your death because what other possible choice would there be, but no fear, we arrived.

Craziest shit ever! You ready for this... I am getting off this bus and I see Vanessa Fernandez Green my friend and co-worker from 2 summers ago in Cadiz, in line waiting to get into the monument. Unbelievable! Who bumps into people in Peru? We were both completely stunned. We eventually found each other again in the actual monument and took a photo. (All photos will be posted at some point.)

During my very early morning guided tour I couldn´t focus. I couldn´t sit still. I was barely paying attention because all I could do was look for Eliot. My guide new that we were suppose to meet up but he assured me that his trek wouldn´t arrive for several more hours. It didn´t matter, I couldn´t help it. I just kept staring up towards the obvious trail hoping that I would catch a glimmer of him. After my tour was complete, my guide took me to the front enterance where the groups usually rest and eat a snack before entering Machu Picchu for theformal tour. They of course have already seen this impressive Incan site from many meters above.

Without further ado, there he was. First I saw Shuster and Ludlow snacking and as I panned the area, I saw him. I get giddy just thinking about it now. We were definitely like two lost lovers that were reunited. We kissed and hugged. He introduced me to his trekking friends and they all kept telling me how he couldn´t stop talking about me the entire time. It was cute. And as I write these lines I find my typical cynicism fade a bit and blush.

Oh right, Machu Picchu...really freaking amazing! It is huge and really incredible how this community created an entire city in this time period. The structures are so solid. For the religion nerd that lives in me, it was particularly cool to see the Temple of the Sun and some very traditional as well as ecumenical symbols in the architechure and supposed worship of these people.

These people which of course my people destroyed. You know you grow up in a somewhat white protestant community and you have some of that white liberal guilt going on. Then you begin to see the world a little bit and you know that your body runs the blood of the Spanaird. So between the Inquistion, the ceasing of Moorish buildings/life and massive colonialization, you feel badly enough. You throw in a little endocturnation and yellow fever and you have one guilty Spanish American girl. And for the love, let´s not bring up Cuba.


  1. so would you go back? We haven't seen it? Would you do the hike?

    Wouldya, wouldya?

  2. Eliot loved the hike. He said it was hard at times but really awesome. I am sure that he will tell you guys all the details. I liked training it. I have hiked in my day and the day today is train. It is definitely a must see either way.

  3. the best part of machu picchu was when i saw christy. the anticipation during the morning hike was unbelievable. knowing i would see one the greatest wonders of the world and get to see the girl you are going to marry in just a short time. wow.

  4. awwww... you two are TOO CUTE! And that whole encounter was just too freaky- first time, I forget to get a pic, second time, I forget to make plans so we could meet up later on in town. I blame the 5-day hike and the killer ascent via the STAIRS (I don't wish that on anyone- give me a near-death experience via bus any day). I was just too much in awe over seeing you and probably suffering major electrolite loss to boot. It was fab to meet Eliot, too, and I hope we can meet up in MN soon!!!