Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Gardening Summer Projects

Summer is here. Therefore all the ways to use my time effectively have made into a nice organized to-do list. I will refer to this list each day in hopes of not spending an entire summer sleeping until noon and watching entirely too many hours of Nick at Nite which will surely eat way my brain cells. I can also feel fulfilled in my daily endeavors and remain an active part of normal society. That's the goal.

There are some simple but time consuming items on the list such as beginning a new masters program (which I am, a Masters of Counseling and School Psychology through UMASS), actually get physical therapy for my knee (since a wedding and a vomiting husband has really taken up some of my time. This also involves finding exercises that will not negatively impact my knee, so my cleats are still hung.) and finally getting our house/yard in some sort of respectable order. We have discovered that we have termites. After two different opinions, these tiny wood eating monsters need to be suffocated in a tent filled of poison. The process will take two days and we will need to evacuate. We are still waiting to schedule this exciting event.

The other pest issues is located outside. Before our wedding we started to notice black moths with red torsos and white markings surrounding our house. We dismissed it, because to be frank we were too busy to deal with it, plus we were pretending that our home was protected by these lovely flying creatures. In the meantime, these distant cousins of the beautiful butterfly ate our bushes down to the bone. They have found a nice home only on these bushes (thankfully) These funky caterpillars line the stems. Today I finally sprayed Sven on them and trimmed down the bushes. I figure I will do this again tomorrow and see if the bush will survive at the moment, until we have to tent and everything dies. Homeowner ship rocks!

We are still working on getting Eliot at 100%. Thank you to all for the love, support and prayers. Keep 'em coming a little longer. I will blog more on this later. :)


  1. Yea gardening! You will have to join the crew: Suzanne, Theresa and I all do the xeriscaping thing and go to Selby and the USF botanical garden's plant sales. In fact. USF is having one on the 13th and 14th I think.....

  2. my wife is a caterpillar killer.

  3. Glad to see you back online. Hope Eliot is doing better.