Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Place to Raise Your Family: I <3 St. Pete!

Every so often there is a breaking news story to inspire young couples to move to what seems like strange choice cities in order to put down roots and raise their future unborn children. With the glimmer of the holidays not far from reach, I saw one of these headlines pop-up on my Yahoo! written interestingly by Business Week, America's Best Place to Raise Your Kids.

I always wonder if they have visited the great city of St. Petersburg, Florida. In my opinion, the BEST city to raise your child, to put down roots, to celebrate holidays with family and friends and not have to shovel snow! Not only does St. Pete provide you with beautiful beaches within minutes, but a small town feel with the benefits of a larger city. The St. Petersburg Downtown area has many locally owned restaurants with daily fresh seafood or the best Sunday brunch or a plethora of other delicious choices! The new budding areas like Gulfport or a lovely picnic at ol' school Boyd Hill fill of fun sunshiny afternoons any time of the year.

In just a few weeks, Straub Park will become a winter wonderland with Santa in the Park, First Night events to start off 2010 right, and shortly after American Stage at the Park! There is the creepy but oddly intriguing Christmas Lighthouse to visit every year! AND the really super cool Fresh Market new store on 4th (I can ride my bike to it!)

You can always enjoy the Dali or take your unborn kids to Great Explorations! A Saturday morning stroll through the market or a Sunday afternoons with friends watching awful football, it's a great place to live!

Born, raised, educated and re-rooted: I love St. Pete!


  1. my vote goes to temple terrace. a real city to raise young kids. i mean they have everything, even their own golf course.

    i think starbucks even gave them their own cup. st.pete can not claim that one.

  2. didn't your husband have his bike stole in your very own yard? how safe is st.pete for kids?

  3. First of all both of these comments are written by Eliot! Don't believe the hype! Secondly, TEMPLE TERRACE DOES NOT HAVE THEIR OWN STARBUCKS MUG! And Third, you should have been watching your bike punk!

  4. eliot probably wanted his bike stolen. much safer than riding your bike in st.pete. check this out.

    temple terrace is not on that list or this one below look at #74

    dangerous oh my. how did you even survive your childhood?

  5. Hey, I LOVE me some fresh market! And I do like St.Pete as well, although I do not like the crazy weather whenever there is a St. Anthony's Triathlon! That water can be nasty! Cheers! Amanda