Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So I Wrote a Book...

During the last year I was given a great opportunity to join a colleague in an endeavor to write a book for young adults about religion. Talk about dreams coming true. Not only do I get to write about religion, BUT for young adults which I have been working with now for almost 20 years (18 years to be specific but it's been awhile) in some form or another, BUT I get to be a bonafide published author.

There has been some nervousness involved. Would I be smart enough? Capable? Did I know enough? Granted I had to research a lot. I had to double and triple check my facts because I didn't want any one religion to be looked at poorly by the reader because of something that I had written. Then going through the process of editing. Watching the changes from my words to rephrasing or sharpening of the editors evident red marks on the screen. Sometimes it was too much. By the end, when the typesetting was done and the page looked like what a digital book typically looks like, it sent a rush through my body. My words will be out there. Forever. Published.

Why haven't I been shouting all this from the mountain tops? "I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!" Partly because of humility, I think. Not so humble to claim humility I don't think, however, I do struggle with overt accolades and others thinking that I perhaps would think of myself as better than them because I have accomplished something such as this. It is the Camp Counselor that will eternally live inside of me, that always wants everyone in the room to sit in a circle so we can look each other in the eye, be equals and be supportive. I will go get the extra table or chair to make that happen and I have done this in the classroom, at the bar, and around the dinner table for as long as I can remember. Despite this ideal, I am so deeply proud of the work that I have accomplished. thus it is time to shout! In this moment, I ask all you take a seat around the virtual circle and share in this with me.

If you put my name in Amazon: Christine Ortega Gaurkee the book comes up! I do have a beloved co-author and friend, Jessica Tinklenberg deVega. If you put in her name it comes up too! How cool is that? The title is All You Want to Know But Didn't Think You Could Ask: Religions, Cults, and Popular Beliefs. Release Date is February 7, 2011. (Amazon says Feb. 21st.) You can pre-order your copies!

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