Saturday, August 25, 2012

Troll Toilet Explosion

Setting the Stage: We have a lot going on. There is no doubt. We have purchased a new house which is in the middle of being renovated. We have an infant which is about 3 weeks old and an almost two year old who has started preschool. Our current home will (God willing) be rented and we are hoping to have this house rented by October 1 which means a little staging (to use an HGTV term) needs to be done as well in the middle of our boxes and child rearing.

The Event: This morning Eliot went to meet his parents at our new house to help paint and complete various other tasks. Lydia has had breakfast. Vivian is the process of having breakfast thus I am bound ot her in a chair. Lydia is sitting on the floor in a sea of baby dolls and stuffed animals and she emerges with a little troll doll with hot pink hair. She asks me to take off the shirt she is wearning which I do. A minute later, Lydia returns and points to the troll's bare butt and questions, "poo poo?" I say, "yes, poo poo, she must need to use the toilet." Lydia goes off and plays. I assume for a moment that she went into her bedroom, but then I hear splashing.

"Lydia, where are you?"
The loud sound of a dunk.
The scurring of tiny feet.
Splish Splash...drip drip...

Troll Toilet Water Explosion!

Lydia comes to show us that the Troll has gone poo poo! Oddly her excitement does not match mine when I realize that there is trail of toilet troll water from the bathroom, along the hallway walls, all the way to the living room reaching the kitchen, which has managed to touch every surface including now the hungry Vivian and the trapped mom. Sigh.

The troll has been in time out for the rest of the day. I figured it was his fault.

Having two kids is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure. The moment you think you have a minute, you don't. It's hard work. Not that I would change a thing!

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