Saturday, September 22, 2007


"Football" by Gaby Dellal

Between this short flick and the Zidane movie it is clear that there are those individuals in the world that do actually receive some sort of "calling." From the moment they can walk they become obsessed with footy. Their minds are always watching the proverbial ball in any given moment and on the real and actual field their are like magic becoming apparent. It is absolutely intoxicating how their lives evolve through the journey of the touch of a cylindrical object with geometric designs spattered upon it. No matter what the moment or the obstacle their hearts have been ignited with the passion for the game. This very well may be why it is deemed the beautiful game. Despite the clear obliteration of boundaries constructed by language or geo-politics the game touches the inner most parts of being human. The rhythm alone is mind bending. To me this short film is the incarnation of what passion is and even in the most egocentric moments of the Zidane movie it as well displays the same. In some ways I could claim that is where I can find the love for the game is through the eyes of those players putting aside little league, my dad, Schwaab, or any other influence of soccer in my life. It is in the simple childhood play of even the kids in the redundant world cup nike commercial that I somehow connect to a feeling that is certainly at the depth of something so much larger than any of us...the game itself.

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