Thursday, September 6, 2007

St. Petersburg versus Tampa

It has come to my attention that many individuals that are new to the area are not properly informed about the richness of the Tampa Bay area. Specifically, the hot spots, the highs (St. Pete) and the lows (Tampa) of the greater community. As native Floridian, a Tampa Bay resident, St. a Petersburgian, if you will I am an ambassador for the tourist and the new arrivals. I will guide you into developing an understanding of what the area has to offer and sense of belonging.

Below is just a quick overview of what each city has to offer. You may also refer to a local eatery and pub reviews from past posts but don't worry there will be more to come.

St. Petersburg


Downtown is filled with great pubs, cafes, waterfront and tasty restaurants.

There are some buildings downtown.

The beach is beautiful and 10 minutes away from any where in the city.

There is a nasty river and some coastline by the Courtney Campbell but that is really about it.

The Dali Museum (One of two on the entire planet!)

There may be some art…

State Theater, Beach Theater, Jannus Landing…all particular venues for either cool musicians or indie flicks

Okay so they have Tampa Theater which is pretty cool.

There are many beautiful public parks like Lake Vista, Crescent Lake, Straub Park or Northshore where people go to picnic, walk their dogs, or lay on the lawn and read a book.

There may be some parks some where…

Parades…for just about everything. Gay Pride, MLK, Memorial Day, are a few.

There may be some marching some where…

People are nice and laid back.

People are weird.

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