Monday, December 10, 2007

End of the Semester

Sometimes life throws you some curve balls and you really surprise yourself with the way you react as well as the way you choose to handle the whole thing. Sigh. Not always easy. And it turns out that I am not real good at staying angry or being bitchy for very long.

Luckily it is the end of the semester and a couple of weeks break is just what the doctor ordered. Evidence of high levels of angst were clear at my semifinal soccer game when I received my first yellow card for screaming at an opposing player for continuously elbowing me in the breast. Healthy rage, I suppose. It was nice to have a buddy of mine step up and have my back in the whole things as well.

We lost the game. New season starts January 13th.

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  1. aawww.. I hope things go better as the vacation progresses. I want to hear more about the house- how is it going? Do you have a lot more work to do on it? What's it look like?