Friday, December 21, 2007

Sounds of the Season

Jolly sounds in every store surrounding the merry shopper normally gets under my skin fairly quickly but this year not so much. I appreciate the fact that others have seemed to embrace the holiday since it has creped up on many of us this year. So go and jam out to some Mama's kissing Santa Claus that's fine. Frankly, I encourage it. Dash through the snow and all. The thing that would appreciate is my favorite bands would stop selling their souls to commercialized dregs of society.

Three now! Every time I turn on the television I hear the Supreme Beings of Leisure, Wilco or the Weepies and the madness must stop. I am sure they too need to ensure that Santa stops by their houses but come on! A little integrity is in order here. Enough is enough. If I hear the English Beat on a damn Macy's ad I might lose the bit of cool that I have left. Matter if fact, it would be a travesty, a farce if you will.

Sorry for the rant but it had to be done.

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