Thursday, January 31, 2008

90 Millas

90 Millas is a new Spanish album by Gloria Estefan. She isn't usually my favorite but this project includes a bunch of old Cuban musicians and some really terrific music. It makes me feel...I don't a real Cuban. There is one song in particular that has gotten under my skin. The name of it is "Me Odio" which for you non-Spanish speakers means "I hate myself." Before this spirals in a negative way it must be known that the song is about hating myself because of being so ridiculously in love with a man. A man that you love deeper with every beat of your heart. Every second away from him is painful because the love is running through your blood and makes every thing brighter, bigger, better. The only reason she hates herself is because she had convinced herself at some point that she was incapable of this type of love or the ability to really commit to another person.

Well dear readers, this song is on repeat in the mighty Jeep because I identify to much with this girl. I am overwhelmed with love. A boy has entered my life and changed it, forever. No other person I have ever cared for can measure up. He has changed everything. I want to be with him every second of everyday. As if an earthquake has hit his kiss makes my body tremble and the after shocks of a smile that just won't quit.

I don't normally blog about love. I usually keep this sort of thing close to the vest but this boy makes me want to scream from mountaintops. I had no idea that love could be like this.


  1. that guy sure sounds special

  2. Yay, we love you!!!! And your boy, too!!!

    T & C